North Central Arkansas Amateur Radio Service

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Instructions to renew your license January 2024
This could change at any time.

1) Create an account on FCC CORES.
2) Associate the FRN of the member to the account just created. 
     The FRN can be searched publicly on FCC CORES by last name at that same link. 
     Note: The word you gave us will be needed for the FRN password. 
     Note: This is different than the password used to access the FCC CORES account created in step 1.
3) Register for license renewal via the FCC ULS.
     Note: The renewal is searched from the FRN which was obtained in step 2. 
     The password for the FRN is the same as that password used in step 2.  
4) Once step 3 is complete, log back into FCC CORES via the link in step 1. 
5) Click on Manage Existing FRNs
6) Click on FRN Financials
7) Click on the "View/Make Payment" link on Awaiting Payment Completion tab
8) Click "Make Payment" to the right of where the FRN and $35 is listed (just to the right of "Not Paid")
9) Click the down arrow in the "Select a Payee FRN" field and select the name. 
10) Click the "Continue" button below the ACH Bank Account or Credit Card icon depending on how you want to pay.  
11) Put in payment information and authorize the transfer / charge. 

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