NCAARS Field Day 2011

The antennas are up and on the air
Stan, KJ5SF operating the VHF Station

Joel, W5ZN keeps cw hot around the clock
Roger, N5QS operates the SSB station with young guests

Mare, KC5EZT watches Darrin, KK5WA
coach Ethan at the GOTA Station
Melissa, KC5BYT talks to Roger, N5QS and Jack, N5KG
at the GOTA Station

Constable Steve Williams and Constable Buddy Sims
represent our elected law enforcement for the area

Larry, AC5AV and Heath, KD5HRT (Gum Springs Fire Chief)
test the generator
Paul, KB5RFE cooks dinner

Saturday night Sunset Very tired Hams and volunteers
Packing up Sunday afternoon